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Cancellers / Capacitors / Decoder

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Typle: H1


  1. Model: H1 H3 H4 H7 H8 H9 H11 H10 H13 9005 9006 9006 9004 9007 9012 880 881 D1S D2S D3S D4S
  2. Voltage: DC12-24V
  3. 2pcs/set

When will you Need a Decoder?

While you install led headlights into your car and meet the problems like the situation below, you may need a decoder.

  • While you turn on the light after installation, the bulb keep flashing.
  • Computer shows error of headlights.
  • The bulb still keep lighting for a while although you have turned off the light.
  • Lighting is every dimmed, not bright as normally.


1. Fit to European cars which need electronic decoding.

There is a CANBus electronic inspect for the light while you turn on the engine of European cars, so it needs electronic decoding. And our decoder can offer this electronic decoding function. For some European cars, the system will also check the working power of the headlights bulbs after you turn it on. In this situation, you still need to add a resistor on the headlight bulbs to satisfy the demand of power.

2. Fit to pulse power supplied cars.

Pulse power supplied capacitance is a technology to reduce the heat value of halogen bulbs, make the lifespan be longer, and save more power on working. But led headlights need constant current supplied, not pulse power supplied this kind of intermittent power supply. So while you install the led headlights into the car with pulse power supplied device, the led headlight bulbs will keep flashing or flash and then lights off. In this situation, decoder will be a large capacitance and store up the electric on it and keep supply to the led headlights bulb current constantly. (If meet pulse power supplied problem, you can ask 4S store to revise your car into constant current supply too.)

3. A small electronic component for Toyota cars.

There is a high beam signal light on Toyota cars, which will be turned on by a electronic component of in our decoder. 

Plug and Install the Canceller

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