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LED Headlights: Making the Best Purchase Decision for a Brighter Car Journey

LED Headlights: Making the Best Purchase Decision for a Brighter Car Journey

With the advancement in the automotive industry, the auto lighting industry has made exciting upgrades. LED headlights are quickly becoming the crowd-favorite. If you want to replace the old halogen lights and opt for LED lights, you can convert the headlights and upgrade them to LED.

With the popularity of LED headlight bulbs rising tremendously, you will find many sellers over the web that cater to your needs. There are online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, and several individual brands that sell LED bulbs and LED headlight conversion kits from $50 to more than $200. The number of choices available to consumers can make the decision difficult. So, here are a few tips to help you get started.

What is the Process of Installation of LED Headlights?

The first question that often comes to the mind of car owners is the procedure of installation. They ask: "Can I install the headlight bulbs on my own?" or "Do I need to cut and splice or some other modifications are required?”

To ensure accurate installation, you should check what type of original lights came with your vehicle. If your original headlights include halogen bulbs, you don’t need to worry so much about the installation. You can do the headlight conversion procedure at home, and you will not require cutting and splicing or any extra modification. You need to remove the original bulbs and replace them with LED headlight bulbs directly. It will only take around fifteen minutes for the installation.

Essential Tips for choosing the Best LED Headlights!

The most common factor that almost all car buyers consider is the color of the light generated by the LED bulbs. While lower color temperatures (2,500-3000k) produce yellow light, higher temperatures (more than 5000k) produce bright white light. As a buyer, choosing the accurate number on the Kelvin scale does not mean your job is over. In addition to the color temperature, you have to consider the following factors to shop for the best LED headlights.

1. LED Bulb Size

Haste can make you susceptible to a wrong buying decision. Often, buyers do not consider the bulb size, and they realize the mistake only when they try to install the LED headlight bulb. Car headlights come in all shapes and sizes. If the bulb's base is too high or the bulb is too big for the housing, it will create a problem. You will not be able to install the LED bulbs, and it will lead to additional expenses.

In addition to the unnecessary expenditure, the wrong choice of LED bulbs will also affect the beam pattern. If you are replacing halogen bulbs, check that the size of the new LED bulbs is the same. It will ensure a better beam pattern. So, check the bulb sizes in advance to avoid a headache. Use online search tools to find the exact LED headlight bulbs that match the model of your car.Comparing H7 Base

At Lighting Way, we take extra care in understanding the exact sizes and shapes of LED bulbs to ensure easy installation for our patrons.

2. The Brightness of LED Bulbs

The measure of brightness emitted from a light source is called lumens. It is the measure of light emitted by a source and visible to the human eye. The higher the number of lumens, the bulb will emit brighter light when ignited. If you are looking for more visibility on the road, you have to look for more lumens.

LED bulbs are much more energy-efficient, and they can deliver higher lumens by consuming a lower number of watts (energy). So, it is essential to check the lumens before making the purchase. Any LED bulb that offers 2000-4000 lumens output is a good choice for drivers. Although, the actual number will depend on your requirements. For example, if you prefer off-road driving, you will need lumens on the higher side.

The brightness and the beam pattern of the LED bulbs will depend on the LED chip quality. Out of the several types of LED chips available on the market, SMD (Surface-Mounted Devices) produces the highest number of lumens. ZES from Philips uses SMD for their LED bulbs. You will find many SMD products, for example, H1 LED Headlight Kit – 6000k 8000 lumens with Philips ZES Chips and H11 LED Headlights 6000k 8000 lumens with ZES Chips.  Low Beam(H11) & High Beam(9005) Test Display

3. Efficient Heat Dissipation and Cooling System

When choosing an LED headlight bulb, lumens are essential. However, the higher number of lumens does not mean that the bulbs are the best ones. It also depends on the heat dissipation structure and the cooling system. Due to an efficient heat dissipation system such as the one in the H7 LED Headlight Conversion Kit, the kit includes a high-quality driver system that works in sync with an LED chip to monitor fan speed for optimal heat protection and performance. It has an aircraft-grade aluminum + copper heat pipe to dissipate heat effectively. The combination of aluminum and copper increases the thermal conductivity of the LED bulbs several times, and thus, the heat transfer is better. 

Making the Right Purchase Decision

When buying the best LED headlight bulbs, you need to consider the quality of the bulbs. Learn more about the bulb's brightness, beam pattern, projection and, heat dissipation system before making the decision. When you opt for a quality product, you can enjoy bright light for several years. Ideally, a premium-built LED bulb will last for more than 30,000 hrs. 

So, compare different LED headlight bulbs available on the market and find one that suits your preferences and desires. Clarify your doubts and queries with the automotive lighting seller. Discuss warranties and return policies along with prices of the LED bulbs to arrive at a purchase decision.

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John - janvier 6, 2021

I just installed my D3S LED kit from LightingWay and I can only say how AWESOME they are. These are simple Plug-N-Play. No cutting of the sophisticated and complicated wiring. All you need to do is unplug the OEM D3S HID bulb, remove it, insert the new LED bulb and plug its wiring lead to your OEM wire that comes up from your OEM HID ballast to the new LED bulb’s wire. The light output is INCREDIBLE. Way more than my factory HID bulbs !!

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