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How to choose a pair correct led headlight before purchasing?

How to choose a pair correct led headlight before purchasing?

How do you choose LED Headlights and what should you consider before buying?

As non-professionals in this industry, there are many questions that can come to mind when purchasing or planning to replace the lights in your car.  You are probably even more confused after you searched and read a lot of articles about their headlights. Because you still don’t know how to compare and how to choose. Today I, as a lay person, will ask some common questions from 4 aspects of the led bulbs itself and then answer it one by one. 

  1. Installation:I guess first question that comes to mind would be about the installation, can I install it myself and how easy is it? Do I need to cut and splice or some other modifications required?
Before you plan to replace your light, you should check what original lights come with your car. If your original light come with the Halogen bulb, you don’t need to worry so much about the installation. You can do at home and don’t need cutting and splicing or any extra modification. You just take off your original light and replace it directly. It should take 15 minutes for installation. There is only one thing you should think about - the led bulb’s size. If the size of the bulb’s base is too high, that would make a problem for the dust cover after installing it. You would probably need to buy another kind of dust cover to figure out the problem. So that would create extra costs in the end. Please think about it before you buy the led bulbs.


  1. Quality:regarding the led quality, brightness, light’s projection, lifespan and Heat dissipation material are important factors to consider.
  • The brightness - It calls the lumens. Halogen bulb is around 500lms per bulb with 35W-72W, while LED bulb can make more than 2000lms -3000lms per each with 18W-30W. So led bulb’s lumens depends on the power. The brighter the light is, the higher the power is.  Meanwhile, the led chip quality will make the lighting efficient and pure, which means the lights will not blind other drivers on the road. 
  • The lighting focus and efficiency on the road – A good light output should ensure the light’s projection is captured perfectly and it would be not blind others in the same time. 
  • The led bulb’s lifespan – The bulbs lifetime should be long, more than 30,000 hrs. 
  • Heat dissipation Materials and cooling system – For the led bulb, heat dissipation materials and cooling system are very important for the led bulb’s long-life. That means the led beam will be very hot and output lumens will become weaker and weaker when led bulb lights on if without a good cooling system and heat dissipation materials. 

When choosing a high quality led headlight, you need to compare carefully for this part and find one what that suits your preferences and desires.

  1. Warranty: most of shops only have a warranty of 1 year or 2 years, especially if you buy from Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Walmart or some big commercial platform.  Therefore, they cannot promise you the good quality while you choose the low price. 
  1. Return policy: the return policy should be very important for consumers, you must know the process and how easy it is, that will help you when you have some problem. 

Choosing the right headlight requires asking yourself the right questions before making a final decision. This will help you make the right choice and keep you safe on the road for a very long time.

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