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LW/O1 - Osram OEM Ballast Parts Number: 10R-0413266

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Item No: D1(O1)

Replacement HID ballast for Osram OEM ballast.

OEM Parts Number:

  • 10R-0413266 (this OE number fits for several types of ballast, please check it carefully before purchasing)

Fit HID Bulbs: D1R/ D1S

Condition: New

Compatible With:

  • 2003-2011 Lincoln town,
  • Lincoln navigator
  • Ford Wining

At LIGHTINGWAY, we always recommend replacing the parts in pairs. With that in mind, you may consider replacing the ballast in pairs as well. When one ballast goes bad, it is more likely that the other ballast will soon not function properly.

Disclaimer: Please double check the part used on your actual automobile to ensure the proper compatibility. We can not be responsible for any misinformation which results in you purchasing the incorrect parts.

    Note: Price is for one piece! If you are not sure which ballast is correct, please remember to inquiry us online. 24/7 service.

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