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Installing the Lighting Way D-series LED headlights is easy, especially if you want to upgrade from the HID Xenon bulbs. If you find it complicated to change D-series (D1, D2, D3, D4) HIDs to LED bulbs WITHOUT OEM BALLASTS, here’s how to make the task simple!

1. Remove the headlight assembly out from your car.

2. Find the ballast and headlight.

Installation Process: Step 1 and 23. Remove the dust cover from the headlight housing to find the HID Bulb inside. Slowly rotate it, and you will feel the igniter fall off, then take it off.
Installation Process: Step 3

4. Press and open the clip and take out the original HID Xenon bulb.

Installation Process: Step 4

5. Take off the wires and igniter from the ballast.

Installation Process: Step 5

6. Take off the chuck from the LED bulb and lock it by the clip, then put the LED bulb into the chuck.

Installation Process: Step 6

7. You need to adjust the LED bulb's wire at the right angle. Then take out the LED bulb's plug to connect to the light source before closing the dust cover.

Installation Process: Step 7

8. Put the ballast back to the original place before unloading all wires or igniter.

Installation Process: Step 8

9. Install the headlight assembly back to your car.



  • Take off all wires from the ballast and install it in the same place. Why do we suggest keeping the ballast in the same place? Even though the ballast is unnecessary for the LED light bulbs, it can protect from dust and dirt. If you do not keep the ballast, there will be empty space that will attract dirt. So, keep the ballast in its original position but only connect the D-series LED bulbs to the light source.
  • Regarding the D1 and D3 LED bulbs, you probably need to create an extra female connector from the original power of light source if our plug doesn't match the female connector of the main power source. See the picture under below:
Installation Guide
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