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D5S Bulbs replacement - Chevrolet Silverado & Sierra 1500 w/HID 2016 to 2018

D5S Bulbs replacement - Chevrolet Silverado & Sierra 1500 w/HID 2016 to 2018

D5S LED Bulbs is designed base on the HID bulb. So our D5S LED bulbs can 100% replace HID bulbs without any error and cutting. 

What cars' bulbs can be replaced?

  • 2016 - 2018 : Chevrolet Silverado 1500 w/HID Beam
  • 2016 - 2018:  Sierra 1500 w/HID Beam

Why Choose LightingWay LED Headlight?

   1.  How the Bright:

    • 50W High power - Super bright and focused which is 100% output lighting effectively with your projector lens.
    • High brightness LED is +150% brighter than the original car HID. Each single beam product more than 4200lm, two bulbs product more than 8400lm 
    • 10 times Longer life than HID Bulbs. 
    • Increased visibility with Bright LED Lights. It is 5 times as efficient as stock halogen bulbs.

    2.  Installation:

    • Directly replace the factory HID bulb and OEM Ballast- - Plug and play.
    • Compact to fit almost car without cutting and splicing.
    • direct fit plug and play connectors that require no wiring. These will simply plug-in to your factory connector and replace your factory HID bulbs with no modifications required. This makes installation a breeze.


- 8400 lumens per pair.
~ Power: 50W
- White color with 6000K.
- Voltage: DC9V-12V.
- Lifespan: > 60,000 hours.
~Working Temp:-40℃~+80℃
- Built with Industry leading Luxeon LEDs 7070 Chips
- Aircraft Grade Aluminum for LED bulb's body designed to dissipate heat.
- CANBUS prevents on-dash errors and guarantees zero radio interference.
- Easy-to-install, plug with the light’s connector
- 100% water, shock, dust and rumble-proof.
- 5 Years warranty.
- CE, RoHS, E-Mark certified.
- Sold in around world.
- Sold as a conversion Kit.
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