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CANBUS for HID and LED headlight

CANBUS for HID and LED headlight

When you replace a halogen headlight with an HID or LED headlight, you may need to use a CANBUS adapter to ensure that the new headlight operates properly. This is because HID and LED headlights have different electrical characteristics than halogen headlights, and the car's electrical system may not be designed to handle those differences without a CANBUS adapter.

CANBUS stands for Controller Area Network Bus, which is a communication protocol used in modern cars to transmit data between different electronic modules in the car, such as the engine control module, the transmission control module, and the lighting control module.

When you replace a halogen headlight with an HID or LED headlight without using a CANBUS adapter, the car's lighting control module may detect a problem with the new headlight, such as a bulb failure warning or flickering. This is because the HID or LED headlight requires a different amount of power to operate than the halogen headlight, and the lighting control module is not able to regulate the power properly.

Our HID or LED headlight kit that has a CANBUS design, the built-in adapter helps to regulate the power and communication between the headlight and the car's electrical system, eliminating the need for an additional CANBUS adapter. This simplifies the installation process and ensures that the headlight operates correctly without causing any issues with the car's electrical system. 

Generally, HID and LED headlight kits with CANBUS design are designed to be plug-and-play, The kit include all the necessary components and wiring to make the installation as straightforward as possible. You don't need to go garage for this service even you are not experienced with car modifications or electrical systems. You can do install by your self. Lightingway always to help you here if you have any problems or questions.  



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