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12V Car Alarm Remote Control Car Keyless Entry Engine Start Alarm System Push Button Remote Starter Stop Auto Anti-theft System

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Origin: CN(Origin)
Item Weight: 700g
Model Name: Car Keyless Entry Engine Start

Bullet Points:

1、Smart One-button Start: The remote alarm system comes with smart one-button start and is 12V universal for all the cars.
2、Reminder Sound: Set reminder sound, the sound and light will be anti-theft.
3、Keyless Entry: Carrying a smart key close to the vehicle about 2 meters, the system automatically recognizes and unlocks.
4、Remote Control Start: Remote warm-up in winter and remote air conditioning in summer.
5、Functional and Practical: The keyless entry starter is fully functional and practical, can be freely matched and purchased.

1. One-key start / stop
2. Remote start / stop
3. Intelligent handbrake detection
4. Smart oil pump start detection
5. Rear box opened remotely (requires the original car's own tail box motor)
6. Remote control car search (horn sounds, direction light flashes to prompt)
7. Roadside parking flashing light warning function
8. Remote unlocking / locking
9. PKE keyless comfort entry function, automatically unlock the car 1.5-3 meters away from the car, automatically lock the door 3-5 meters away from the car
10. Induction temporary shutdown function
11. RFID identification
12. Antitheft alarm function (Illegal driving door, stepping on the foot brake triggers alarm prompt)
13. Motor engine lock function (the vehicle cannot be started in the car after the door is locked)
14. Automatically lock the door by stepping on the foot brake after starting, and automatically unlock when the flame is turned off
15. Start the automatic lock release, and automatically open the lock when the flame is turned off
16. Alarm notification for the original car horn (requires that the original car has a control line, and an alarm horn can be added)
17. Power-off memory
18. Emergency reset function
19. The remote control is turned on for 10 minutes and the flame is turned off regularly. If you use this key alone, you cannot control the windows, you need to buy a window lifter additionally, and use them together, If it is an automatic window, there is no need to buy a window riser.

~Ambient temperature: -40c— + 80c; atmospheric pressure 86-106KPa
~Relative humidity: 10% -95%
~Working voltage: DC12V +/- 3V
~High frequency: 433.92MHZ, low frequency: 125KHZ
~One-button start system, remote control preheating and cooling, anti-theft device, comfortable entry
~Applicable to models: 12V car

Packing List:
1 * Keyless Entry Starter
2 * Remote Controller Handle
1 * Start Button
2 * Induction Antenna
1 * Start Harness
1 * Test Harness
1 * Restore Button
1 * Instruction