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HID Color Spectrum: Choosing the Best HID Headlight Color for your Vehicle

HID Color Spectrum: Choosing the Best HID Headlight Color for your Vehicle

The main point of attraction when upgrading the automotive lighting system of your car is choosing the color. If you are replacing the standard halogen headlight bulbs and thinking of upgrading to HID bulbs, selecting the best HID color becomes essential.

Is it HID Bulb Color or Temperature?

While in the market for buying HID headlight conversion kits, you will come across phrases such as 6000K bright white color, 8000K color temperature, 10000K intense white shade, etc. For an average car owner, the categories can get confusing and overwhelming. But, fret not.

Color temperature is how one can describe the light appearance emitted by a bulb. Scientists have used degrees of Kelvin (K) to measure the color emitted by the light source. The general rule of color temperature is higher the number, the bluer will be the light emitted by the bulb. And, lower the color temperature, the redder or yellower will be the light.

Xenon HID Headlight Color Chart: Choices Galore!

From 3000K to more than 15000K, there are many color options available today. Let’s find out more about the Xenon HID color spectrum so that you can make the right decision.

  • 3000K = Incandescent Yellow

Commonly associated with halogen bulbs, the 3000K golden yellow color is often a decent replacement when choosing a fog light. It is because a warmer color will cut through the fog and provide you better visibility. However, you can go for a higher color temperature when upgrading the headlight. It will enable you to see better than before, especially while driving in the dark.

  • 4300K = Warm White or Off-White

In the past, many car drivers preferred the off-white color of 4300K HID bulbs. Closer to daylight than 3000K, you can choose 4300K yellowish-white color for daytime driving. It can be a perfect fit for headlights while driving during the day. However, for night-time driving, you can still choose a higher color temperature.

  • 5000K = Pure White

Xenon HID bulbs with 5000K color temperature emit the most natural light that resembles the light emitted by the sun when it is on the horizon. It enables the driver to see things even when the distance is more.

  • 6000K = Bright White

Slight brighter than 5000K, the 6000K HID bulbs produce an alpine white color. It increases visibility phenomenally and delivers an attractive and crisp look to the headlights. It is the most popular color temperature for aftermarket HID headlight conversion kits

  • 8000K = Cold White/Light Blue/Ice Blue

8000K HID bulbs produce a cold white color with a slightly more bluish tinge than 6000K HIDs. If you choose 8000K HID headlight bulbs, you will find that they look very stylish and still offer a great deal of visibility on the road. When selecting between 6000K and 8000K, it all comes down to your preference and budget.

  • 10000K = Blue/Pure Blue/Deep Blue

The dark blue or pure blue light emitted by 10000K HID headlight bulbs looks sharp and refreshing. They have an attractive appeal to them. But while driving on the road, especially at night, the 10000K bulbs do not promise a clear vision and often annoy the oncoming traffic. In many states and counties, the local Department of Transportation (DoT) does not approve the use of 10000K bulbs for headlights.

  • 12000K = Purple

Even colder than 10000K, the 12000K HIDs emit a purple or dark violet color that makes visibility an issue while driving at night. It is for the same reason 12000K bulbs are ideal for car shows and auto conventions only. If you do most of your driving at night through dark patches of road, it is best to avoid 12000K for your safety.

HID Headlight Bulb Color: Higher does not mean Better

You must understand that choosing the best HID color does not mean selecting the highest color temperatures. When it comes to HID light color, higher does not always mean better. Find an optimal balance of your preferences, style, driving conditions, light output, and overall performance to make the decision.

6000K is the most popular option for HID bulbs for a reason! It is the closest shade to sunlight that makes it pleasing for the human eye, even while driving at night. Although a higher color temperature ensures superior contrast, it can cause intense glare thus, posing a risk for oncoming drivers.

If your purpose is regular driving during day and night, you can opt for 6000K or 8000K color options. If your car is going to be at a convention, you can think of more bluish-white colors. However, consider the local rules before purchasing because the law enforcement agencies may allow you to use the higher color temperature options in certain situations only.

If you are confused about choosing the color temperature or the correct bulb size, always discuss your queries with the automotive lighting seller. It makes your purchase simpler.

Happy Shopping!

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