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HID Ballasts: An Essential Tool for Xenon HID Bulbs

HID Ballasts: An Essential Tool for Xenon HID Bulbs

Whether you are moving away from traditional halogen lights and installing superior HID headlights or buying OEM replacement HID bulbs, one thing is non-negotiable: the HID ballast. The ballast is a crucial part of the HID lighting system, and you should not miss out on it.

What Is HID Ballast?

Did you know the shiny box that car lighting manufacturers recommend while buying HID bulbs is essential? The manufacturers are not out there to get you or make the lighting system bulkier. HID ballasts are necessary if you want to ensure the efficient functioning of the headlights on the road.

High-Intensity Discharge headlights require high-intensity power/current to produce better illumination than halogen headlights. HID bulbs are more powerful and long-lasting only when you control the voltage.

Xenon-HID bulbs are a type of arc lamp that produces light when one passes electricity through ionized xenon gas at a very high temperature. HID bulbs require ballasts to initiate the electric arc. The electrical device is also essential to limit current in the electrical circuit of the headlight. Ballasts regulate the voltage and power supply to the HID bulbs throughout the entire duration.

What Does HID Ballast Do?

HID bulbs need high power to ignite. But once they illuminate, their power requirement shoots down quickly. They are energy-efficient and do not require high voltage constantly. Ballasts provide the necessary voltage to kickstart the HID bulb and regulate the energy supply to the bulb.

Without the presence of a high-functioning ballast, it is difficult to regulate the power supply adequately. And it will damage the bulbs, thus reducing their lifespan. If you want your penny's worth, experts recommend using premium-quality ballast.

How HID Ballasts Solve the Common Problems with HID Bulbs?

Although HID headlights are far more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs and mimic the sunlight on the road to offer better visibility, there are a few problems with them.

  1. Overheating
  2. Moisture Interference
  3. Collision Damage
  4. Damage from Constant On-Off Cycles

You can solve all the problems associated with HID bulbs with the help of ballasts. A premium-quality HID ballast will prevent over-heating and manage the power supply efficiently. With adequate current, you will not have to worry about moisture intrusion as well. Similarly, collision often damages the HID bulbs and leads to repeated on-off cycles. You can prevent it by regulating adequate voltage supply with the help of a ballast.

How to Choose the Right HID Ballast for the Xenon HID Bulbs of your Vehicle?

There are two situations to consider before you update or replace the headlight of your vehicle:

A. If your car came with the halogen bulbs, you would like to change your headlight from the halogen bulb to HID Xenon bulb. 

  1. It is better to purchase the conversion kit which includes two HID Xenon bulbs and ballasts with extra wire. It is because the ballasts and bulbs will be more compatible and easier to install. 
  2. Selecting a plug-and-play design is helpful, especially when you do not know the car lighting system. It will enable you to install the HID bulbs on your own, without any need for reprogramming. 
  3. Choose CANBUS ballasts instead of regular ones to avoid incessant error warnings. 
  4. Choose ballasts with heavy-duty casings for better durability.

B. If your car came with the HID Xenon bulbs, you may want to replace the broken original ballast.

When it comes to choosing an OEM HID ballast for your car's headlights, do not simply focus on price. Choosing the cheapest ballast without considering the requirements of your automobile can be harmful in the long run. Here are a few tips for selecting the right OEM HID ballast:

  1. Check whether the ballast is compatible with the make and model of your car, especially if your car comes with the HID Xenon Headlight system and the original ballast, which has their own OEM parts number. For example, if you own a 2004 Lexus ES300 with HID Xenon headlight, you must find out what is your OEM ballast parts number. Usually, you will find it on the label of the original ballast. You can also use an online Car Search Tool to find out the correct OEM ballast.
  2. Buy OEM HID ballasts that are an exact match with the HID bulbs. For example, if your car has Hella ballasts, you will need Hella OEM replacement HID ballasts with correct parts number. 
  3. Ensure that the internal circuit matches the OE design for optimum performance. 
  4. Only buy those OEM ballasts that are compliant with local laws for safety. 
  5. Experts recommend that you replace the HID ballasts in pairs. If one ballast is not functioning optimally, the other one may also go out in a short span. So, always buy ballasts in pairs. If you are confused about buying HID ballasts for your car, discuss your queries with the automotive lighting seller and avoid purchasing the wrong parts.
Remember to work with an experienced seller who can guide you in choosing what’s best for your car. It will make your experience a lot better!


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