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Automotive led headlight G20 with Laser light source

Automotive led headlight G20 with Laser light source

C6 headlight with COP chip was hot sale last year. But its lighting is still wake when driver meets bad weather condition. In order to improve its lighting, Laser light chip come out this year. Users have a good feedback about laser lights for automotive headlights.  There is picture to show how is different with laser light source!

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Power: 60W (2 lights total)

Lum:8000lm (2 lights total)


Chip:Laser light source

Color temperature: 6000k

Cooling system: Top quality Fan

All in one type ( Driver box built in light body)

Aircraft grade aluminium body


*Eutectic Technology(special in the market)

*Same as technology of Philips led headlight

*Illuminate farther,Stronger penetration,Best spot function.

*Platnium head top playing utmost role in spot function

*Cooling fan is from the same factory of Philips led headlight



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