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D4S LED Headlight Kit - 55W 6000K 10000LM- Plug and Play

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LightingWay only produces and sells the best quality LED Kits. Our leader of the Research and Developing Apt (R&D) who has worked in Philips company has more than 30 years experience on the lighting industry.  Our team designs the smallest and unique LED headlight with the highest-quality aluminum fin radiator materials and the 7070 Luxeon LEDs to build confidence of lifetime warranty. Their lumens per pair is more than 10000lm. Other competitors, and they are plug and play to install.

We have not only professional R&D team but also strict quality Management. Buy with confidence we offer lifetime support.

Why Choose LightingWay LED Headlight?

   1.  How the Bright:

    • 55W High power - Super bright and focused which is 100% output lighting effectively with your projector lens.
    • 24 pcs diodes with Luxeon LEDs  for our LED Single beam headlight conversion kit will shine brighter and longer while using minimal power. Each single bulb will produce 55W of power (110W for two bulbs) and 5000LM of brightness (10000 ~13000LM for two bulbs).
    • Increased visibility with Bright LED Lights. It is 5 times as efficient as stock halogen bulbs.

    2.  Installation:

    • Directly replace the factory HID bulb and OEM Ballast- - Plug and play.
    • Compact to fit almost car without cutting and splicing.
    • direct fit plug and play connectors that require no wiring. These will simply plug-in to your factory connector and replace your factory HID bulbs with no modifications required. This makes installation a breeze.

   3.  Warranty:

   4.  Free Shipping:

    • 4 days fast delivery to US and Canada.


- 10000~13000 lumens per pair.
~ Power: 55W
- White color with 6000K.
- Voltage: DC9V-32V.
- Lifespan: > 60,000 hours.
~Working Temp:-40℃~+105℃
- Built with Industry leading Luxeon LEDs 7070 Chips
- Aircraft Grade Aluminum for LED bulb's body designed to dissipate heat.
- CANBUS prevents on-dash errors and guarantees zero radio interference.
- Works with daytime running lights.
- Easy-to-install, plug with the light’s connector (No positive and negative).
- 100% water, shock, dust and rumble-proof.
- 100% fitment for all cars, trucks, SUVs and Motorcycles.
- 100% Lifetime warranty.
- CE, RoHS, E-Mark certified.
- Sold in around world.
- Sold as a conversion Kit.


Installation Instruction

Free Shipping

3-6 days fast delivery to US and Canada on order over $60

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