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The VOS LED Bulb Conversion Kit features "Visibility," "Optimized," and "Solutions" in this collection.

Why Choose LightingWay VOS LED Bulb Conversion Kit?

  • VISIBILITY- Experience super bright and focused light output without causing dizziness. Enhance visibility with bright LED Lights, which are five times more efficient than halogen bulbs.
  • OPTIMIZED- Customizing LED Chips for auto shine brighter and longer while using minimal power, Optimizing its performance. Each single bulb will produce 35W of power (70W for two bulbs) and 3000LM of brightness (6000LM for two bulbs);
  • SOLUTION - VOS LED bulbs feature innovative Linear Decoding, which means that the bulb will compatible with 98% of vehicles’ lighting system, such as flashing and error alert;
  • Design as halogen - OEM Halogen bulb replace directly- Plug and play.
  • Warranty:  5 Years 
  • Free Shipping: 3 - 6 days fast delivery to US and Canada


- 6000 lumens for pair.
- White color with 6000K.
- Voltage: DC9V-32V.
- Lifespan: > 50,000 hours.
- Customizing LED Chips.
- Aircraft Grade Aluminum and copper tubes designed to dissipate heat.
- CANBUS prevents on-dash errors and guarantees zero radio interference.
- Works with high beam, low beam, fog light and daytime running lights.
- Directly replacing halogen bulb - Plug and play
- 100% water, shock, dust and rumble-proof.
- 100% fitment for all cars, trucks, SUVs and Motorcycles.
- 5 Years Warranty
- CE, RoHS, E-Mark certified.
- Sold in around world.
- Sold as a conversion Kit.

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