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POLI Series - LED Headlight Conversion Kits - High Power 55W

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Model: H1

LightingWay offers POLI Series LED Headlight that is the High Power and a small size body designed; It is Super CANBUS system in the driver and the cooling system is with the double copper plates of the body of bulb and double ball fan on the bottom of the body, that would dissipate heat quickly and extend the life of the led dots. The small size body designed is easier to install, especial for the small space lighthouse. 55 Watts per each Led bulb is not only producing brighter and also decoding 99% cars' flashing and problem of the dash board error.

1. Features:

  • Designed with the small size body ( as same as the halogen bulbs)
  • 110W (two bulbs) high Power system with super decode designed. 
  • Full light output – 10000 lumens per pair.
  • EPISTAR 7035 LED Chip - brighter and long life.
  • With EMC design prevents on-dash errors and guarantees zero radio interference.
  • The high-quality driver system works in Sync with led chip to monitor fan speed for optimal heat protection and performance.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum + Double Copper heat pipes for LED bulb’s body designed to dissipate heat.
  • Double Ball bearing Fan designed, the heat dissipation efficiency is doubled and the lamp is safer to use. (Fan speed: 10000rpm).
  • IP68 Waterproof.

2.  Installation:

  • Directly replace the factory Halogen bulb or HID bulb – Plug & Play.
  • Compact to fit almost cars without cutting and splicing.
  • Directly plug the connectors without extra wires.
  • Adjust lighting position while installing lamp
  • 10 minutes for the whole installation.
  • Installing guide - Click here!

    3. Warranty:

    • Lifetime Warranty

    4. Free Shipping:

    • 4 days fast delivery to US and Canada.


    • High Power LED Headlight - POLI Series Led Headlight
    • EPISTAR 7035 LED Chip
    • 10000 lumens for pair.
    • 6000K white color.
    • Voltage: DC9V-60V.
    • Input Power: 110W ( Pair)
    • Double Copper Heat Pipers + Fan cooling system.
    • Aircraft Grade Aluminum body.
    • With EMC design prevents on-dash errors and guarantees zero radio interference.
    • Works on projector headlight, reflector headlight, fog light and day running light.
    • Easy-to-install, plug with the light’s connector.
    • 100% water, shock, dust and rumble-proof.
    • 100% fitment for all cars, trucks, SUVs and Motorcycles.
    • CE, RoHS certified.
    • Sold in around world.
    • Sold as a conversion Kit.

    Free Shipping

    3-6 days fast delivery to US and Canada